HTML To WordPress - Convert Static HTML to WordPress Service

Convert your HTML to WordPress to build awesome WordPress theme. Our WordPress Expert Theme Developers will convert HTML5 design to WP theme 100% manually. Get full featured custom WordPress theme which will raise your visitors 400% over the time when you move from HTML to WordPress.Our WordPress expert will convert HTML based website to WordPress theme and turn static web pages in to full feature custom theme.

SEO friendly Conversion

We build SEO friendly themes from static HTML.We keep in mind all major aspects of SEO while process of converting HTML to WordPress.

Page Speed Optimized

WordPress theme will be lightweight and caching plugins will be configured free. That makes your site loading much faster and make your site browsing experience smoother.

Widget Ready Themes

Sidebar and footer are widget ready.means you can drag drop new block of code/functionality by your WordPress admin panel.

Manual HTML template to WordPress Conversion

You have made a wonderful decision to convert your static HTML website into WordPress based site.

Maintaining static website is painful, because whenever you need to update content and you required to contact Web developer.

With WordPress based website, you can update your content easily and add new pages without taking help from the any web developer.

In Addition to, Migration from HTML to WordPress can help you to reduce SEO (Search engine Optimization) efforts and cost.

We will outline the static website WordPress conversion process and work on page by page. We will take care of all your content migration.

During the conversion your website remain live. Entire process will be on our development server, once you fully happier than only way will remove your static website and host your WordPress base website.

Why you should hire professional WordPress developer for HTML to WordPress Conversion.

  • We will build WordPress theme exactly matched with your current HTML design. And We will fix cross browser compatibility for major browser.
  • Provide a free training on how to update your content from Admin back-end.
  • Fast delivery and timely manner convert conversion
  • During the conversion of your static HTML to dynamic WordPress, We will take care of old permalink URL redirect so that your search engine optimization authority won't get damage and your keywords ranking remains the same.
  • Apart from that we will install necessary plug-ins like sitemap WordPress SEO, Total Cache plug-ins which help you yin improving your Page speed and Website SEO.

We have been in this business since last 6 years and provide professional services to 100+ clients for building WordPress themes.

Convert HTML to WordPress

  • Easy to edit your exiting pages content or remove web pages without hiring any expert.
  • We will try to make permalink as same as your exiting site so, no SEO reputation gets down and new WordPress theme will raise your visitors by 400%.
  • Adding new content is too easy in WordPress theme.
  • WordPress bases websites are rank well as there are lots of SEO plugins available.
  • Adding new functionality like forms and crating membership site, adding eCommerce is easy as compare to static HTML websites.

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