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Convert Website to Responsive Design

Terrible response from your site on a mobile device can force user to leave site without interaction, it means you lost potential customers. That’s the reason now a days business owners prefer switching from old website layouts to responsive website design.

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Right now you probably wondering what is the responsive design? Today’s world Internet is one of the most important forms of media. Internet is mostly consume through Desktop computers, Right? But Wait how about mobile devices, Smart phones and tablets. Internet users are rapidly growing on this devices which starts two years back from 11% to nowadays 48% mobile device users and this year predicted that it will overtake the traditional desktop Internet users.

Why Responsive Website design ?

So what about this numbers to you, It means if you only focus your website designing for desktop users than you will loss 50% of mobile devices users. So if you want to focus all of your potential clients including mobile devices than you need to have a great looking website which is also optimize for mobile browsing because the problem with the current websites with mobile browsing is it cannot optimize and fit for mobile devices.

How Responsive Web Design  helps to get better visibility?

Apart from that Google likes responsive web design which help you to increase your search engine reputation. We take care of speed criteria as well while designing a web layout using HTMl5 and CSS3. The more speed of the page will put you on top in Google.

After the years of experience working as a SEO consultant, We noticed that speedy websites are easy to get higher ranks than those of slow loading websites.Using of Bootstrap framework can help you to respond users more effectively from various size devices.

If you’re website is not performing well then it’s a best time to switch to responsive web design. Which can help you in getting more visitors from mobile devices as well as getting higher organic traffic from search results.

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