WordPress as an application development framework

Initially introduced as a blogging platform, WordPress has successfully made its way to the list of the most desirable web development platforms used all over the world. The ease of access and scalability of WordPress has made it a helpful tool for building both simple as well as complex websites. There’s no denying of the fact that today, millions of content-rich websites are running on WordPress CMS. Updated on a regular basis, WordPress has surpassed the expectations of a huge majority of website owners residing in different countries of the world. Today, through this blog I’ll be highlighting a few crucial features of WordPress that make it one of the best frameworks to work with.You can easily hire WordPress developer from building WordPress based websites

WordPress- A full framework for developing web applications

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we think of WordPress is Blog or Content Management System. Well, there’s a lot that can be achieved using WordPress. It can be used as a full framework for developing web applications that serve varied purposes. Whatever be your requirement of a web application development, WordPress is there to look after your customized needs and offer you a final product that is worth your time and efforts.

Community Support- WordPress offers it to the fullest

A key aspect of WordPress that makes it different from other web development platforms is the seamless community support. There’s an appreciable number of web developers who’re continuously contributing towards WordPress web development. You can easily access WordPress forum to get an in-depth idea about the different problems that have been solved by trained WordPress developers from all over the world. Whether your problem is small or big, the WordPress community has a solution for it. In addition to all this, the WordPress community is also making continuous efforts towards introducing latest versions of the software for helping people perform a lot of innovative tasks.

WordPress- An open source web development tool

In today’s web market, where the prices of web development software programs are touching the sky, WordPress has emerged as an open source software that can be downloaded and used, absolutely free of cost. You can choose WordPress for developing websites and web applications that fare well with the end users. also WordPress based development are much faster then php and mysql development.

Admin Dashboard- A key aspect of WordPress CMS

Every website owner wants to have an easy-to-use admin panel that can be used for managing the front-end content. By choosing WordPress, you can easily get an access to a user-friendly admin dashboard that has the best options for managing content for the entire website. The ease of creating your own custom setting pages can allow you to make the most out of WordPress software. Backed by its own set of back-end styling, WordPress makes way for some brilliant website customization options.

An Active Support Forum and Documentation is what you get with WordPress

WordPress has an active support forum wherein you can find easy solutions to a variety of issues related to installation, activation or anything else that is related to using WordPress. Codex is the WordPress community moderated wiki that is being updated on a regular basis. Documentation is yet other crucial aspect of WorPress that has made it an instant hit among web developers. Although a whole lot of other frameworks also sport documentation, the one available with WordPress is much more easy-to-understand and follow. You can simply go through this documentation and undertake web development projects with complete ease, without the need for seeking assistance of any technically sound individual.

WordPress’ User Management module is remarkable

Unlike other web development frameworks, WordPress has an impressive user management module that looks after all the functionality that needs to be included within the website/web application. Whether you want to include a registration form, a login button, assign roles to users, assign capabilities to different roles or create new user roles, the User Management modules makes things easier for you. Moreover, there’s a Capability Manager plugin that allows you to perform all the previously mentioned functions without the need for worrying about issues related to security and session management.

File Uploads and Media Management- WordPress has a solution for everything

File upload and media support have become key necessities for every website/web application. It is actually hard to imagine a web application, which doesn’t support file, uploads and media support. When you choose to work with WordPress framework, you get an easy access to integrated media library which can be used for uploading media files and performing a set of other operations such as flipping, cropping, resizing etc. The image function that comes with WordPress makes it easier for you to upload images anywhere in the front-end. Moreover, you may even opt for creating an image gallery in the back-end that can further be displayed in the front-end.

SEO-friendly URLs and URL Routing in WordPress

URL structure is an important parameter that decides the search engine friendliness of a website/web application. WordPress is backed by a powerful Permalink functionality that can be used for having different varieties of permalinks for web content/pages. Yet another important parameter that’s been taken care of by WordPress is the flexibility of rewriting URLs. Well, URL rewriting plays a crucial role in web applications/websites where the URL needs to include several GET parameters, thereby becoming too long and complex. The Rewrite API provided by WordPress allows you to play with your URL structure and customize it as per your specific requirements.

WordPress is a remarkable framework that is being accepted globally. With features such as scalability and easy interface, this web development framework is definitely going to rule other frameworks available across the globe. So, get going and choose to explore WordPress framework for features it has got in store for you.