How to Start /Create your Own Website in Minutes

getting started with creating website

This tutorial will teach you how you can start your own website in couple of minutes by using this knowledge.The article in intended for entire beginner level readers who want to know step by step guide about how to start a new website and setup your personal or business website in minutes.

There are plenty iof people who don’t know about how to start a website and this is the answers for all their questions like “how do I start a website”  and “how do I get a website”

Beginner guide on process of making your own website or blog

This essential steps will guide you about process of  how you can get a website but believe me there is nothing in this world is free. so, stop searching  like how you get a website for free.Hire a PHP programmer or genesis theme developer to build your awesome professional website.

Purchase your domain name

To establish your online presence first thing you need is find any good domain name for your business. Domain name is a set of word by you can easily remember for your online  presence. You can say like your business name, in our case is my own business identity. To get your domain name you simply need to search your desired domain name from godaddy registrar and have to pay annual fee of $5 to $10.

choose your webhosting

One of the important decision is to choose a best web hosting from among all available web hosting providers.There are plenty of cheap web hosting available in marketing. you should keep all aspects of web hosting criteria while choosing  the best web host. If you are starting a small to medium size business site then i recommended a hostgator – shared web-hosting plan which cost you $100 annually but if you used hostgator coupon code 25DISCOUNTON then it saves your 30$ and you will get the same shared hosting plan at $69 for a one year period.

There are plenty of issues involved in choosing the webhost. here are full details on how to choose the best webhosting.

Design your webpages

So, far you have select your best domain name and top web hosting provider now you should plan how your website look and feel will be. Its time to learn how to create your your webpages quickly in minutes. If you don’t have any web designing experience then i recommend hire webdesign expert  or web developer. If you are not interested in setting up professional website then you can try your hands on creating basic webpages using web editors available in marketing.

There are plenty of web editors available. Here are basic web development tutorial which teach you through all the steps of making a fully-functional website with multiple pages.

One of the important aspect in web designing is seo friendly webpages. SEO friendly version of design performs better then those traditional table base design. I highly recommended that choose web designer who are professional in seo optimization.

Test and host your website

Once your website is ready and entire process of creating  all required webpages is done then you can host your  webpages using a FTP client and test your design with various browsers. Its a best practice if you test your webdesign using w3C validation service which check your webdesign compatibility and point out if any error is there.

Start efforts  get your site index in search engine

Create a website  is not worth if your site is not getting any valuable visitors.After series of essential web designing steps to make your own website,Its time to submit your websites to search engines like Google and Bing

You can use the links below to do submissions.

  • Google’s Link Submission Page
  • Bing’s Site Submission Page

Apart from that you can manually promote it via news papers,business cards and other advertisements.
These are the beginner guide about getting started with your website. There are plenty of other information as well, if you need more information then you can read more information on this website