How to install WordPress blog manually

There are two ways to install wordpress on your domain via is automated wordpress installation  by Fantastico and other is manual wordpress installation. The first one is easier one but you should normally prefer manual installation. there are two main reason – Fantastico will remove entire blog if by mistake we click on remove, also manual procedure have better control on wizards.

In this tutorial we are going to discuss manual procedure to install WordPress on your web hosting.

The entire procedure can be divided in three main steps

  1. Create MySQL Database and DBUser
  2. Upload WordPress Files to root of your domain
  3. Run WordPress Installation wizard

If you are not technically aware this things, you can get assistance from our WordPress developer.

Creating MySql Database and DB User for WordPress Blog

  • Login to your web hosting cpanel by details provided from web-hosting providers like Hostgator, Dreamhost, Bluehost or godaddy.Once you login to your cpanel and go to “Databases” section

create wordpress database

  • Click on “MySQL Databases” link in as shown in above image that will bring a panel where you need to type your DB name

cpanel mysql database cpanel

  • Now you need to create MYSQL Database user and assign that user to access permissions to created database (in our case – “hpatel_myblogdb”)

mysql user for wpblog

  • Once we created “hpatel_demouser” now its time to Add User to  previously created Database

wordpress db user

  • Which brings a permission windows. you need to give full privileges to that user

dataabse user permission cpanel

  • You get notified that user was added to the database.

so far,you have successfully created the database, created the user, and assigned privileges to that user.

Upload WordPress Installation Files to root of your domain

Now its time to upload your WP core installation files to your domain. there are two ways we can upload files to your domain. one using your cpanel file manager under your account, another way is using FTP Software to upload required files. You can download latest WordPress installation files in zip format  from

Once you download latest wordpress, upload that zip file using  cpanel file manager and extract that zip file using file manager under your domain.

Make sure that all required files should reside in root of your domain not in ‘WordPress’ named folder. If so you move those files using file manager

 Run WordPress Installation wizard

Once you upload your required files, you can edit your wp-config.php file manually or simply open your blog domain name in browser which will prompt you required database host,DB user,DB Password. Enter required details we created so far. Please make sure that you enter “localhost” in host name except in Dreamhost web hosting provider.

Run the step by step WordPress installation and every thing will run much smoother now. Feel free to ask any questions you have by comments form below or get a quote for your custom theme development or WordPress customization.