How to Move WordPress site from one server to another

how to move wordpress to another server

Many users ask about how to move WordPress site from one web host to another server. Today I’m going to teach you how to move WordPress website from one server to another or from one web directory to another directory on a same server. This is very crucial especially when you have planned to change your web hosting. You can easily migrate WordPress without losing any data and most important thing do-it-yourself without hiring any WordPress developer.

This tutorial also help you when you have some development site on server and after completion now you have planned to switch to live WordPress website.

You can see from the old WordPress site dashboard, the number of post, categories and tags. With a simple few clicks you can easily transfer all your data to your new website. Before moving your website if you need any kind of WordPress services like changing WordPress design then check out PSD to WordPress our service.

Step by Step guide to Move WordPress Website or Blog

  1. First take a backup of your WordPress site root directory. This directory is normally public_html. If you have install WordPress at other locations than to find that location. You can make a zip directory and download yours computer.
  2. From the cPanel can find phpMyadmin icon and you can take a backup of your database by simply clicking on your database and go to export tab. Now find export button and you can able to save your database in .sql file

now you have both zip file of your directory and database file. It’s time to log in into cPanel of your new web host.

After logging into your cPanel you can create new database and new DB user and password and assign to it.

  1. First go to phpMyadmin and click on the newly created database. After that go to import tab and browse through the backup .sql file we have saved before. This step will restore your database to your new server
  2. it’s time to upload your public directory zip file to your new server and unzip them.
  3. The third step and most important step is modify your WP-config file. Inside you wp-config file you need to change your database user and password and database name (in case your database name is different from the old one.)

If you’re using any premium WordPress theme than you may need to save your of WordPress option panel settings from your WordPress theme option panel. Because sometimes deactivating WordPress themes and activating theme again may lose in your custom settings.

I suggest if you’re not technical enough knowledge than you can hire WordPress expert to execute your WordPress migration plan. It will help you to maintain your all your WordPress data as well as SEO configurations and other plug-ins configurations. Some small mistakes like Permalink can harm your entire website and result in losing your traffic.

If you’re looking for any consultation on how to move your WordPress website than you can hire our WordPress developer to achieve desired result on the same day.

Contact us now to move WordPress blog or websites to new web hosting. If you haven’t purchased any web host than we can suggest the best web-host for WordPress website.

You can comment below if you need further explanation or any query regarding WordPress migration.